“The key to your heart” is a love story based on real life. The girl in the short story talks about a party she got the pleasure to attend in which she met an exceptional man. She describes the guy she likes as a best friend and a bluebird reflection, and her friend at the party is the flower of suspicion; meanwhile, the man she loves represents the angelical objection.

This girl apparently was not secure with herself; she was always rejected by society in general, even though she was kind, talented, and beautiful. However, that night was an exception; she got to meet a lot of interesting people. The girl was not looking for a date or a partner in crime or even attention; she was just seeking to have a pleasant time and a good conversation. Who does not like a good conversation?

Dressing up in refuge-tight black jeans, a BANJUL long, black, sleeve shirt with some roses embroidered on the left sleeve, a Stella McCartney rose gold handbag, and a black Saint Laurent tribute, patent leather sandal, her grunge, but sophisticated style somehow blew away the eyes of many guests. Some said her not showing much skin was appealing to their eyes. Surely, three guys looking like models from Helen Valentine’s Seventeen Magazine came straight forward, introducing themselves. The three men were a description of intrigue, beauty, and power. No girl could have missed or resisted them. As soon as they presented themselves, they started a juicy conversation with her. One of the guys was interested in her, but he was not a player, so he could not engage in a conversation without receiving some help on the side. The girl was not interested in him. She considered him annoying because he was too touchy, and the other guy was quite a helper but not her type. It was evident that he was a player; however, she saw him as a potential friend material.

We become aware of whether a guy could be our friend or a crush the first time we meet him. However, if someone annoys us, we do not know if we dislike him or randomly feel attracted to him.” -ODRA

This girl found that both men were friendly, and she thought the same about all the guests at the party. All the girls at that party looked like they had descended from The Hills MTV Show, and the boys were just outstanding.

One guy got lucky enough to exchange numbers with her at the end of the celebration; the ‘angelical objection’ was best known as the annoying guy. This guy and her went out several times. They engaged in a close relationship and endured a beautiful relationship that lasted four months until differences pulled them apart. How do I know this? I am very familiar with the story. I also can tell that when you read this in comparison to the story, you will see that the girl was astonished by this guy; her feelings were reckless and unexpected, and she went too fast regarding those passionate thoughts she had for him. To be precise, it was beautiful, but not healthy because nearly all throughout her relationship, she had to battle with his friends’ acceptance, his family, and his acceptance after the relationship blossom. Chaos misguided many opportunities to engage in a stable relationship. Pranks were involved, misunderstandings, gossip, and more.

Do you think this will happen to a regular girl? No, this will just happen to girls who people call innocent. They open up fast to the wrong people just because they feel the need to help someone. Have you ever felt this way? You have the opportunity to see that too much passion and love backfire with relationships. It is important to engage in relationships slowly and allow other people to be their self so that you can be able to see if there is something you have in common. You will be able to have a better understanding of the person and assert your new relationship regarding mutual connection and preferences.