Dan The Song
by Odra Marcano
Forgives her, It is something, She is feeling
No one can see it, but him when her lips tremble on the tempo of his heartbeats.
Something is missing, but not troubling him, something cannot describe her feelings
Forgives her, It is hard to explain when she touches his hands.

Like being able to reach the stars,
he gives her some time to realize what trust supposed to be within the faith
where his lips were icing her, intimidating with his eyes every inch of her
through the night by his warmth arms wondering how close could he be to fall
conquering her eyes.
Like a hit on the radio, a voice rhythm
book a grammatical lexicon
dictating the world most beautiful smile
which makes her become lost, broken, scared
but not ready to go
Away, He blossoms under the moon light
Could not tell how far she could get traveling not in words neither expressions
feeling cut, trapped in confusion and an extensive intention to build a wall of a friendly power of sensations in a deepest passionate adventure wondering how far He could get,
bringing the moon to her collection of stars within broken memories as a gift to a heart in temptation.
Bringing her from death to life to the world
when, by, handcuff They drive by a dream
of beautiful landscapes drawn in their minds
Wondering to accomplish Their desires
His eyes thirst of her body claiming more
Even not knowing her, talking about dreams
got them closer to past stories of passionate voices
getting lost within her heart.
Freaking out all the time gets caught within herself
reading in between lines a voice, not in shame
but high in fame, Stopping someone’s breathing
bring to earth the truth of life regarding the sky,
teaching her to fly to his world, threading with needles
all desires to collide within every piece of Dan, the song to her heart.
Nocking the door of her soul
becoming the period of her time
a song play under the moonlight
airing the art of his mind
drawing steps of every him by the rain that nude them
Forgiving something but feelings,
No one could see it but him making her lips tremble
hearing his heart beats
 Something was missing, but not troubling their feelings
hard to explain and describe regarding her desires
to reach the stars.

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