A Letter to you
by Odra Marcano

One class was empty of knowledge
A superior raised in color techniques
That pass on a sense of bright ideas
An amusing laugh endorsing satisfaction

No time to waste, pass by his way
Wanting to be filled with him
Culture and hunger were not fulfilled
By a period of peace until
A word was about to meet some changes
In the language were still a surprise to see
She was not sure what to be
She was not sure how it was supposed to be
The class,
this time was not empty of knowledge
She believed
A mentor with a brilliant mind
she could see
But fear was calling for a treat

Pass by three-quarters to see the discomfort
in the air of his beliefs
The first-period passed she encountered
his bad side
She knew her responsibility to fall
Anger through the atmosphere
made the gentleman believe that
no effort was able to meet
Behind one sewing matching,
no explanations were fulfilled
The ideas of admiration
were misunderstood but kept

The second period passed
An encyclopedia was found
Realizing her muse was superior to
misunderstandings in a room
pure of intense thoughts
within a soul
which never acknowledged her work

Little birds sang to the clock
Negative phrases were told
She believes it was all
She understood that the encyclopedia
was not what she thought
Gossips were met
from many sides getting at her

On the third period, she found herself
liking him as much; he did like her

In a garden of misunderstandings
she met on paint,
the song made by birds
complaining took away
her idealism of himself

A man with rude attitude
started to appear
It was not nice to see
Creeping away an image fulfill
She never understood
why the urge of him
to break the admiration
that all; us, birds had for him

Fourth quarter was met
beautiful colors call for a truce
no more games
were meant to hurt
peace was met,
but gossip stills the same
A belief of being involved in pranks
tormented thoughts
winning a cord
never were able to converse

Fear was the name of rage
Rage made by gossip
but never met
It was just confusion within herself

Fifth but not least
a word of graduation
manifested love
a quarter within harmony
in the same space
got him
sharing life itself

Talking about life
she learned much pain
that was in his head
lacking the same taste
a fantastic world was never there
mistrust was there regarding the quarters
when she understood everything else

Getting the bird’s lyrics in her head
she believe in hate
no wonder to care
about somebody else

Her thoughts were
She was not sure

But desires were met
On voices and not tales
Never was a follower herself
Admiration was kept inside herself
Not needing to adore or show care
She did not want to be fake

Sorry for misunderstanding
the lyrics got her in the wrong place
A confusing aura to get
Never meant to paint
a bad student in the age
regretting misbehave
under a period She was concerned
that he would never understand
The layout of it

“I do not want to keep misguide memories,
I would like to maintain the admiration once I met
hoping you understand my brain after reading these
feelings which were related to a story of us.
Wishing you all the best, hoping you get recognition
as an exceptional designer again.” -ODRA

Time reveals fashion a reflection of yourself,
Believing is a lifestyle misguide one’s goals and success
into words fading through the air
every dream the destiny claim
will be impossible to conquer
chasing a dream instead of fulfilling it
Be aware there is no need to access to the world
of superficial benevolence,
People admired you with not a word in exchange,
Approach that sense to benefit and fulfill your game,
You are already a trend.

“Life does not mean prepare for success if not
bringing to life what you were meant to be.” -ODRA

Soon enough will be draw in your mind
That fashion is only a reflection of yourself,
Instead of a world of acceptance
from the masses on earth,
Not to please but believing in yourself
will get you as far as your mind can get
flying from enthusiasm and creativity
You will engage soon enough
The word fashion itself.
Now you can tell
what fashion means and portraits
it is not a lifestyle if not the description of yourself.


Best Regards,

God bless you.

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