A life base on acupuncture by Odra Marcano

Walking down the streets was found a silhouette full of loneliness covered in shadows. It was as magnificent as an evening couture Polska dress. Step by step, the silhouette draw on the streets a margin of love. It was a piece of undercover art. The sun reflecting it produces a landscape full of glitter bringing all colors to life crossing the shadows. A doll found inside it portrays a flashy melody of a violin. If there is an intention of leaving a passionate life, it would be placed on a violin play. Towards this influential soundtrack, the beauty of a short story will start.

Years of missing dots, a mysterious scientist follow by alternative sources was in the heart of the most famous city of all called The Sanctuary 7. This place is where people of all ages enjoy a quality time of themselves training, doing massages or pampering themselves.

“I will cuddle myself to reach independence following to conquer happiness,” a theory of people today.

Many people lament with age lack opportunities of self-maintenance but not here. People in here regarding going forward. Once in desperation was found this doll with a magnificent silhouette that spirit was trapped in a dream of solicitude. The doll maintains a posture towards life base on radicalism. Childhood dreams painted her future. Meanwhile, her present drew by a passional novel where her mind flows on the Caribbean sea. A deep sea of sorrow acknowledges by this cartoonish scientist. Step by step, she lets herself in; like in a fairy-tale leaving a wicked wish, where the water was as deep as her steps.

Life was a red paint on the Caribbean sea. Meanwhile, the sky was covered in black, which reflected each step of the doll inside the cage. It was cold inside. The lights were warm only when the mirror reflects the past. The past, where a hero was cloned by his ADN being injected inside an empty porcelain doll belly.

What if I am a doll? He said. If I would live two lives, what could it be at the same time? His fruits manifested ideas became real when he met that empty porcelain doll. He got one perfect doll, but the other which was his image came with defects.

The pain was her voice. Laugh was her undercover. The lie was her armor. Life was not as easy when the hero flew to a divine word distinctive to reality.

Years of fear, frightened by her choice of life, the broken doll traveled through life on her best behavior. Sometimes, her mistakes were her shadow. Sometimes, her fear was her evil side.

Step by step, the story goes around in an infinite life cycle. She was not able to forget nor be alive. She was not able to understand life nor people. How difficult it was to survive between her shadows. How difficult it was to leave behind the crucifixion of herself.

Needles were all around, but there was no thread to insert, which made it difficult to sew all the ripping parts of her clothing. No glue could maintain the doll in one piece. Breaking down all over, one voice came from the shadow of her hands, The shadow of the doll’s hands advised her to visit the scientist in The Sanctuary 7. Doubting herself, she by instinct traveled through the shadow’s words, She accepted the advice.

The doll with multiple feelings of consternation stepped out of her shadow. “Light is somewhere out of this cage. Light is somewhere out of this fear. Light is somewhere out of this sorrow,” said the doll. A “G” note, which is the lowest sound, sound out of the violin to announce the arrival of the doll. Waiting on a sofa was the scientist, he was a real animation wearing an unusual clothing style which stops the breeze inside the cozy room warming it up.

The room was welcoming as his behavior towards the doll. They introduced themselves. Meanwhile, the new trip starts. Surfing on all the doll data, the scientist found out a dark hall that lays on the doll’s back which was the manifestations of all pain.

“It has been a long journey carrying a bag of feathers which weight keypunch the root of your pain. The pain was not supposed to last if not resume in a mantle of aquamarine stones. Let the pain flow through your face. Let the pain travel through your eyes. Let the pain speak for himself. Never let the pain overdose you. Forgetting about the pain is omitting important parts of the puzzle of your life. It is not bad to feel pain for the contrary avoiding it will pierce every fraction of yourself,” the scientist said.

The doll finally understood what was the pain about. It was not about reviewing memories. It was not about recollecting pieces of the puzzle. It was about living through the present the sense of life. It was letting out all jewels placed in the heart. It was about letting every feeling flow, blending with the actual color of the Caribbean sea. It was about making the sky bright during the night with diamond dots. It was all about believing she was not alone.

What if I let the pain be part of me?
What if life is not as complicated as playing the violin?
What if life is just a melody full of love?
The scientist sewed the porcelain doll, thick of desire.

“Pain is valuable when you are fixable,” the broken doll said. “I will love myself if the needles pierce every part of my body that was keypunched by destiny. I declared you to be my mirror under the prick of the needles. I allowed you to sew all my ripping clothing. I allowed you to glue every part that is damaged by past historical experiences.

Magic magnets connected through cables where the glue, which reaches towards energy, sticks broken pieces together. Meanwhile, the needles were liberating pain and at the same time sewing all ripping areas. Today, the doll is still being fixed, but her journey through the past calmed her present. Meanwhile, her future still grows with the support of the shadows of her feet, which always stand her up when the pain comes back.

“Light and sorrow are the pain of life, which shadows will render opaque to become the guide of your lonely nights,” by Odra Marcano.


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