One day, you are happy, and the next, depressed.
One day, the stars are near enough to touch,
the next day, impossible to find.
One day, a smile brightens your day,
the next day brings insecurity.

Who am I?
Who do I want to be?
Who are they?
Will I ever be loved?

I don’t know anymore;
sorrow is a friend,
sorrow is a voice.
Pain declares itself free on its own.

Should I love?
Should I believe?
Should I go?

I am scared,
I do not feel safe.
Only words can be made,
Just a touch will say.
Today, I wish I was dead, but tomorrow, I hope I feel alive.
Bring me a piece of your happiness,
a word of hope.
I won’t fall into the ground if your love supports my last breath in which the world rules the word hope.

by Odra Marcano

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