In life, everyone is different, but this does not mean we do not share behavioral patterns. You must ask yourself how difficult is to engage a conversation with someone. You must wonder why you always feel like an outsider.

Do people judge you? Are you being rejected? The feeling of loneliness develops a fear of rejection. Every single time you feel judged, you behave like an outsider, which makes you one. Time does not heal you if not that renovate the cycle of rejection, mirroring your fear of not being understood.
Are you bullied or a bully? You do not know these, but I can assure you that, at one of our life stages, we were bullied, we were bullies, or we were present during the act of bullying someone by rage. No one will understand this better than you. I actually might not experience with exact detail what you felt or feel, but I can tell you that worldwide exist millions of people feeling the same way you do.
So how about we help each other? I think you agree on it——right?

Well, there are certain links I was researching, and none of them clarified anything or helped me feel better, but, surely, I was lucky to discover that the meaning of words misinterpreted the action and reaction. So, as a radical, it is important to extend the sense of certain words to develop a better understanding of our reactions. The keywords to review are loneliness, judgment, outsider, and bully.

  • Loneliness: Isolation, which produces depressive thoughts
  • Judgment: To Discern; The ability to assume a lack of understanding of a sensible matter.
  • Outsider: To Alienate; A feeling of not belonging to a place or group, causing a feeling of rejection.
  • Bully: To oppress, torment, or intimidate someone. Bullies are not just in high school; bullies are also people who gossip about other people’s lives after a fight.
    Have you ever done that? You also can be a bully if you gossip behind your friends’ back. I am sure you have done this. It is normal. We just complain about each other’s actions.
    Is this fair? NO. No matter the disagreement, people are different. We should respect that. But, who am I to talk if I have been in that place many times. Well, I just can deliver to you what I have discovered trough a life of unrecognizable mistakes and deception to the point of becoming a radical.
    Do I want you to be like me? No. I would like you to understand that you are not alone. I would like you to see how easy it is to change these feelings of loneliness, rejection, and judgment and come to a better understanding of the situation to avoid rage.

Time is the best remedy for anger by reflection. The challenge is to accept the situation ignoring people’ reactions to not judge them with lacking understanding of the matter. I invite you to try this, remembering that we are all different so others reactions might not be the problem if not our interpretations. If the other people are the problem, you need to accept you are opening up to the wrong people at the wrong time.

These will be our line to settle.

A Radical.

For more information look at:

Solution to Overcome Loneliness and Social Anxiety/Awkward Social Encounters:


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